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HttpRider requires .NET 4.0 installed

Project Description

HttpRider is a lightweight tool for web site performance and stress testing; it is developed in .NET but not only for ASP.NET web sites tests.

It creates http scenarios by profiling http requests using Fiddler and replicates them based on user configuration. It is also able customize automation parameters like query string and post parameters by binding them to a custom data source in order to mimic non-identical requests.

Source code

HttpRider is a tool (so not a component of any sort) therefore the sources are available only as download but let me know if adding them on source control would be a good idea.

Future support

This is a pet project so depending on its success I will continue enhancing it or not. Anyway, some of the things I already see for a future release would be
- request/response logging
- enhance the Test tab to contain much more usefull info
- better support for exception handling in Test phase


- Regex expression to filter the domain is (google example) .*google\.com.* .
- You should use the configuration file to set some defaults. It can be usefull.

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